Scholarship Program


Members of the Oregon State Fiscal Association (OSFA) and their children are eligible for scholarships through the OSFA scholarship program.

Scholarships to members’ children are available to high school seniors and continuing college students. Awards will be based on academic achievement and need. Children of members may enter any program of study. The must enroll in full-time undergraduate or graduate work.

Scholarships to OSFA members are awarded based on the individual’s need, the benefit of their education to themselves and to the state of Oregon, and how their education relates to the OSFA mission. OSFA members may submit applications for part- or full-time undergraduate or graduate work in public administration, finance, accounting, economics, or related topics at any eligible institution. Members must enroll at least half-time.


Eligibile Institutions

Any two- or four-year, public or private, non-profit postsecondary institution located in Oregon which is eligible to participate in federal Title IV student financial aid programs.

Application Procedures

Interested persons may apply by completing the steps outlined in the Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC) website. See the Frequently Asked Questions page on the OSAC webpage relating to “OSAC Scholarships.” Look for “How I apply for OSAC scholarships?”

The current link to that site is

All materials related to the application must be received by the Oregon Student Assistance Commission by March 1. The OSFA scholarship is code 288 on the OSAC website.


Selection Process

The Oregon Student Assistance Commission will screen recipients. The screened applicants will be shared with the OSFA board for selection. The OSFA board will rank applicants according to a combination of academic promise and financial need. The applicant(s) with the highest ranking will be awarded the scholarship(s) by the OSFA board. Receipt or potential receipt of other scholarships or student financial aid may be considered in the selection process.

Terms of Eligibility

Awards will be made on an annual basis. The scholarship must be applied for annually. Awards may be received for a maximum of twelve quarters or their equivalent. Awardees shall make satisfactory academic progress, according to institutional policies for students receiving federal Title IV aid.

Financing the Program

The Board of Directors provides funds in the OSFA annual budget. Operating expenses are paid from OSFA’s general fund. Additional funds are raised through voluntary contributions, payroll deductions, and fundraising events.